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Ozon.ru – Kansainvälinen eCommerce Venäjällä

Ozon.ru – Kansainvälinen eCommerce Venäjällä

One the of the biggest marketplaces in Russia opens platform for foreign merchants

We have heard some welcomed news from Russian for European merchants who are eyeing on the Russian Cross-border eCommerce market. One of the leading marketplaces in Russia, Ozon,ru, has developed solution for foreign merchants. Now also foreign companies can use the Ozon marketplace to sell products on Cross-border eCommerce model to Russian consumers.

The decision of Ozon also represents a significant change in approach of Russian companies towards Cross-border eCommerce business model. Previously when selling only goods imported to Russia, Ozon was strongly against the high tax-free limits of Cross-border eCommerce from abroad to Russia. Now Ozon has taken different approach and is also seeking growth from the booming Cross-border eCommerce to Russia.

The requirements for foreign merchants to join Ozon marketplace are simplified, also representing the development by Russian marketplaces in attracting foreign sellers.
Here is the list of documents foreign merchants need to provide to Ozon to open seller account:
– Copy of company’s Trade Register Certificate
– Copy of company’s Article of Association
– Copy of CEO’s Passport
– Copy of company’s Tax Certificate
– Bank Account able to accept payments from Russia

In Ozon business model Ozon collects payments from Russian consumers in Russian rubles, giving consumers the convenience to pay products with their daily payment methods. Ozon transfers the funds to foreign merchants in euros, US dollars or in Russian rubles, based on choice of the merchant. The delivery of products to Russian consumers addresses is under responsibility of the merchant.

Flying Lynx is working together with Ozon in acquiring new foreign brands to join the cross-border eCommerce marketplace for Russia.

Flying Lynx will first help merchants to open their accounts at Ozon.ru marketplace, in order to generate products cards and brand page. Flying Lynx also supports in setting up logistics and payment operations. Last but not least, Flying Lynx helps brands in online marketing activities to reach the correct audience in Russia for their products.

Contact us and let us start selling to Russia!

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Ozon.ru - Kansainvälinen eCommerce Venäjällä