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Terms and conditions

We want to take good care of the personal data you give us. Just like we take good care of our customers.

We deal with personal data for sales and marketing purposes, for customer service and customer relations purposes, and for developing customer satisfaction and our services. When submitting a form on our online service, your information will be transferred to us. Flying Lynx may also process personal data collected by individuals for marketing purposes, provided that the person has given their consent or, in certain cases, has not specifically prohibited this.

With forms it is not allowed to send personal data of persons under the age of 16, unless otherwise stated in the form. Personal data is handled by our authorized personal data processors in secure data security systems. Access to the personal data collected is restricted to the persons required, and is processed in software protected by user IDs, passwords and other technical means.

Marketing Register

Get familiar with register and data privacy information.


In addition to the information you submit on forms, our web site will store cookies in your browser according to our cookie policy.

Blocking marketing

You can set block for email marketing through a separate request or through a link included in each marketing message.

Right to appeal

If you consider that your personal information processing violates personal data processing acts, you have the right to file a complaint with the controlling authority.

Do you have something to ask?

If you have any questions about handling your personal data, feel free to contact the person below.

Mr Marko Kangaskolkka
Telephone: +358 40 5317595
Email: marko@flyinglynx.com