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WeChat – short-cut to China market

WeChat – short-cut to China market

The smartphone app, WeChat, founded on 2011 by China internet giant Tencent, is one of China’s fastest growing e-commerce channels. WeChat already has over one billion users worldwide, and over 500 million are Chinese.

WeChat has actively developed e-commerce operations as part of their service inside the app. Consumers can, and are increasingly, purchasing products through their WeChat accounts. Payments are made smoothly through WePay inside the app, giving consumers quick checkout process.

Cost-effective marketing within the sales channel

WeChat is a very potential channel for new companies trying to access China market.

– In WeChat, merchant content marketing is conducted in the same environment where consumers can also buy merchant’s products. This enables significantly more cost-effective marketing towards Chinese consumers, as media budget is not needed to attract consumers to the separate online store, says Flying Lynx’s Marko Kangaskolkka.

Merchant’s fixed costs are also significantly lower in the WeChat than in China’s leading cross-border marketplaces (eg TMall Global & JD.com). This gives the opportunity to use a larger part of the overall project budget to marketing activities, to bring own product to the awareness of Chinese consumers and that way increase sales.

Solutions are ready and available

Flying Lynx offers to European companies the opportunity to open their own stores in WeChat, as well as marketing services to reach Chinese consumers.

Products to be sold can either be shipped to the customs bonded warehouse in the port of Shanghai for one-day deliveries to consumers, or the products can be shipped directly from the Europen warehouse to Chinese consumers. Logistics services can be implemented by Flying Lynx, using existing supply chains solutions.

All the required elements for China cross-border eCommerce operations are now available to European companies. Join us, let us conquer China together!

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