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  • Join rapidly growing cross-border online sales to Russia.
  • Sell directly to Russian consumers with no import bureaucracy.
  • Enter local webshop with well-planned content marketing.
  • Win trust of Russian consumers.

Flying Lynx – Process

Russia Road Map

Market research & setting up

  • Feasibility study and Russian Market entry plan
  • Pricing and Russia channel selection criteria
  • eCommerce platform (Localised webshop, Yandex Marketplace)
  • Setting up money flows, logistics and customer service

Pre-launch & development

  • Pre-buzz in social media, forums
  • Start marketing activities in Yandex, Google, VKontakte, Instagram
  • Operations development to improve overall service level
  • Focus areas based on results of first marketing activities


  • Launch Russian marketing activities to boost sales
  • Focus areas based on results of first marketing activities
  • Consider expansion to new local Russian marketplaces
  • Plan offline events to increase brand awareness in Russia

Controlling ROI and expanding operations

  • Operations development to improve ROI of marketing activities
  • Diversify payment and delivery options to improve conversion
  • Expand your sales to local marketplaces in Russia
  • Russia future growth planning

More about our services for Russia


Market and marketing expertise

  • Our native experts will do market research for your business in Russia
  • Prepare Russian market entry and marketing plans
  • Select an appropriate product range and price point
  • Identify the brand message to your target group that brings sales
  • Discover profitable marketing channels and promotion strategies

eCommerce solutions in Russia

  • Create your webshop for Russian market with Flying Lynx
  • Create your product cards to Yandex’s cross-border marketplace with Flying Lynx
  • Sell products to +100M online audience in Russia
  • Entrust your webshop operations and customer service to Flying Lynx

Logistics and customs in Russia

  • No requirements for product import license or Russian language package
  • Store products in warehouses in Finland operated by Flying Lynx
  • Deliver products to Russia by EMS or courier service in 4-5 days
  • Manage returns from Russia easily with Flying Lynx

Contracts and payments in Russia

  • Use x-border eCommerce model without need of Russian legal entity
  • Sell to Russian consumers in Russian local currency
  • Earn consumer trust with Yandex.Checkout service set up by Flying Lynx
  • Refund money safely to your account in chosen currency via Yandex.Checkout

Grow demand in Russia

  • Marketing in different channels, Yandex.ru, Google.ru, VKontakte, Instagram
  • Influencer marketing campaigns in Russia with support from Flying Lynx
  • Grow business through offline marketing activities linked to your store
  • Focus on the most profitable strategies that grow your business

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