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How to enter to China through digital marketing

How to enter to China through digital marketing

It is well-known that China is a huge and difficult market to enter due to political factors together with cultural and language barriers. Previously, it was also challenging for foreign enterprises to understand the potential business opportunities in the Chinese market and how to access them in the best ways.

Thanks to the advanced development of mobile apps in China, a well-prepared marketing strategy can get a foreign brand on board to China market through vibrant social media scenes. One good reason for China digital marketing strategy is that the number of digital shoppers in China is estimated to reach over 700 million in 2019.

In fact, China stands out as a country where the society is highly digital-advanced and exhibit a strong social network presence within the country. Roughly 98 % of the population have access to social media accounts and spend an average of 67 minutes on these social networks every day.

Yet, unlike the west, China has top-level strict censorship regime and often blocks access to foreign sites violating China’s laws and regulations. Practically, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, WhatsApp or some social media platforms have been cutting off to use in China.

Instead, China has its own social media system and platforms that are accessible both for the locals and the rest of the world. The Chinese versions offer similar functions and features like western social medias, such as WeChat or QQ (similar to Facebook), Youku (YouTube), Twitter (Weibo), Google (Baidu) and Meipai (Instagram).

Where to start?

But how to reach out Chinese customers? First of all, you should probably get familiar with the king of mobile in China – WeChat. In recent years WeChat has become the most powerful app ahead of Weibo, QQ, and Taobao. WeChat brings a shortcut to present a strong influence to consumers by combining the social platforms and commercial ads on brands and products.

WeChat is an app primarily designed to be a “social e-commerce platform”. WeChat is enhancing social media and e-commerce activities to work together as a way to advertise, increase online presence, and deliver high-quality customer service. In 2019, it is expected that the role of these social media platforms in e-commerce will be continuously growing.

Over the past few years, the number of Chinese short-video platforms have been constantly shaping the e-commerce market. This is because Chinese users tend to spend their spare times on these short types of videos and live streaming through the smartphone. The content of videos normally includes jokes, food, cosmetics, travel, news and latest trends on the web.

As for the companies that struggle with marketing presence and brand awareness among Chinese consumers, one of possible options is to be endorsed by Key Opinion Leaders (KOL). KOLs are online celebrities and earning huge amount of revenues directly through the content that they generate.

These KOLs are also known as top-ranking short video makers. The most popular KOLs have millions of followers, and they have been gradually influencing the taste and the shopping behaviours of millions of Chinese consumers of all classes. The list of most popular short-video platforms that have been downloaded more than 500 million times are Douyin, Meipai, Little Red Book (XiaoHongshu), as well as Huoshan.

Need a digital marketing agency for China market?

For guidance on how to boost your visibility in the China market and to sell goods into China, please contact us at Flying Lynx. Our experts will be glad to speak with you and formulate a digital marketing strategy to reach your desired audience in the Chinese market.

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